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Microunit Housing and Hotel
Penndesign 601 Design Studio III

The project is the hybridization of a hotel and residential building in high density urban area of Tribeca, New York city. Public green spaces around the site, ie: St. John and Washington-market parks, work as an inspiration to create new types of vertical garden spaces within the building. Based on the study of Part-to-whole relationship, trying to extract fusing and interlocking, inter-relationship parameters to construct the aggregation of hotel and residential units from inside and out. Vertical gardens from inside and out as public program organize the units and breaks down traditional level-to-level spatial systems, introducing a way to simulate the movement and interaction of people and nature.

Academic Projects



Urban housing project for reconstructing state mobile park Madrid, Spain
WUSTL Sam Fox School of Design Studio 419
Critic: Javier Maroto
Fall 2015

The project is located in the city of Madrid, which is close to theatros del canal between Paseo de la Castellana and Mance les river. Based on the urban research in the first period, I choose to work with vegetation system, creating an new green connection with existing green corridor and urban landscaple project, madrid rio. This system will organaize the original city facilities, such as cafe, retailing and form new order of urban public spaces. 


Vertical City For Mixed Lifestyle
Penndesign 701 Design Studio V

Critic: Dan Wood
Fall 2016

The Tower is located in West Soho, Manhattan, NYC. The proposal is trying to create a vertical city that contains live, work, city serving spaces and infrastructure. Public spaces and transportation will be supper-vertical and even replaced by elevated skygarden and Elevators.


Fairmount Park Bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
WUSTL Sam Fox School of Design Studio 
Critic: Yutaka Sho
Spring 2014

This was a architecture project involved One-month Social Issue Research, Concept design, drawings and sheet presentation. 

Studio Research focusing on urgent issues that Philadelphia city were facing, lead to a proposal that improved awareness of the role Schuylkill River plays in the functioning of the city. Fairmount Dam has played a historic role in making the river humanly accessible and is very close to Center City. Utilizing this historic structure and the picturesque views the river provides, the project is a pedestrian bridge that also accommodates an underwater viewing platform and awareness center.

Penndesign Environmental Systems
Critic: Chandler Ahrens
Fall 2015

Based on initial case study in first assignment, we are trying to design prototypical façade systems for a generic box building and measure the performance levels through analytical software in the next step. The objective of the design process is to identify performative goals that will be modeled into a parametric façade system.

The site is located in the city of Miami, which features hot and humid in southeast region of United States. The climate condition reminds us to define a dynamic shading and moisture-reducing system. So the whole facade has two functional layer, wchich means shading panel layer and water curtain. When the moisture air pass through the curtain, it will condense because of temperature difference.​

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