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Unexpected Future Transportation City, Jinan, China
Honorable Mention 
UIA - HYP CUP 2014 International student competition - Unexpected City
Critic: Jiang Wang
Summer 2014

The project is located in central district of Jinan, China, which is important transportation junction of the city. Jiaoji railway and Shuihe highway run through the site. In order to solve the problem of Jiaoji railway isolating the region, building the elevated bridge across the rail is undoubtedly the fastest and the most efficientive solutions. However, the site is located in a high-density residental area without green spaces. So my proposal is eliminating the barrier and bridge public green space and then connecting two separated spaces. Besides, three-dimensional urban street construction has nealy completed, but the functional buildings still remain at the bottom level, which has no relationship with upper layer of transportation system. Therefore, my opinion is to establish the vertical connection space with appropriate function, linking and make use of different layer of transportation to activate the orginal functional building at the bottom level.  

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